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a couple nights ago i read bryan chung’s lessons on augmented reality and optical flow; i loved the reading and felt the urge to code something similar.
after a little casual tinkering, i found myself playing with an optical flow algorithm, a couple trig functions and a basic flat physics mini-engine; “wait a minute”, i said, “this is arkanoid!”.

so here it is:

(another vid after the jump…)



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my monkey headed friend is currently working for Aegis Media Agency; the other day, after a day at the office, we had a chat about data visualization, relative platforms and possible charting models. i digested our talk for some time, then i came up with a metaball based tag cloud visualizer.

imho, sticky balls are a good model to describe semantic clouds: setting the relative stickyness between two clouds you can map relations in an easy to read way.

[click the snapshot to start the app]


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One of the last toys i made: it basically samples the color from one or more objects in the video stream and uses them as virtual brushes. I’ts conceptually similar to what happens in long exposure photography, but with a twist of real-time and selective control. The part I like the most of this thing is it’s totally impromptu mood: it enables you to create graphic textures and brushes using whatever you have in your pockets.

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coding life-like critters always intrigued me: i loved my norns
and, while other kids spent their time on tetris, i was tuning my crobots.

yesterday night, feeling this synth-life mood picking my head, i tried my hand at simulating biological movement; i was inspired by robert from flight404‘s incredible snakes and ended up with a few simple, calligraphic swimming bugs. (click the image to run the code)


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