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… have been featured in the promo video for the next edition of IULM’s executive master in Digital Entertainment Media and Design:

You can notice I was having serious sleep disorder from my witchy haunted hair and my somewhat lost expression 🙂
What people at the university labeled with the word “INNOVAZIONE” (= innovation) in a bulgy, solid impact font, was a light, quick and dirty alternative to optical flow: tracking movement (ie: differences between 2 video frames) inside different sensible areas, I was trying to build little contrallable interface bits to be used in situations where lightness on the hardware was more important than precision (ie: old hardware, embedded, tiny parts of complex software, etc.).
[after the jump, another couple videos and some aftermath…]


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I finally had some time to rehandle the chromaSampler:

I mainly made some minor tuning in the code (mouseless colour picking, timed snapshots of the ongoing painting, live thresholding adjustment). Since some people were interested in the source code, i posted it here; it’s licensed BSD, so you can use it as you wish, just drop me a line if you decide to make something cool out of it 🙂 .

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