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I’ve really been uber busy recently, but wanted to share a couple quickies.

The first one comes from the recent past: as I said before, in december I attended Zach’s workshop @ Fabrica, one of the most incredible places an artist/creative/hacker/whatever can visit; it was a great time and gave me the opportunity to get my hands dirty with OF under the guide of one of its creators and to experiment inside a sort of vivarium full of talented people.
Now a little resumĂ© of the workshop has been published here, together with a video interview featuring both Zach and Neural‘s boss Alessandro Ludovico and a booklet with all the projects developed during the workshop.

The second one is my last augmented reality work: it’s an AR 3d animated map for SolarExpo – International Exhibition and Conference on Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation and GreenBuilding – Internationa Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Architecture.
On this project I teamed with the awesome guys from Bonsai Ninja who modelled and textured a tiny, cartoon style version of the expo; I added the computer vision / ar tricks, animated a bunch of solar followers, wind turbines and electric cars and the toy was ready.
I’m pretty happy with the result; the expo is starting today, so I don’t have lots of material to show, but I’ll make a dedicated, detailed post. Also, if you’re interested in augmented reality, I can anticipate that the whole project is opensource, so I’ll release the source code too.


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