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Today the video coverage of the third week-end of the Borderline Biennale went online:

BORDERLINE BIENNALE 2011 |Week-end 03 | Obsolete Body from Borderline Biennale 2011 on Vimeo.

You can find our performance at 12:25.


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Yesterday I attended the inauguration of the Democratizing Technology exhibit @ Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, easily the coolest museum in Italy from a geek’s point of view. The exhibit is sponsored by Ford and aims to show how the new car embedded “intelligent systems” work; I was responsible to create 2 interactive softwares to demonstrate traffic sign recognition and voice recognition.

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It’s been a busy summer for many reasons, but everything seemed to orbit around one single, exciting thing: the official birth of Spectre.
Everything is still in fieri and I don’t really want to spoil our future projects, but basically Spectre is a mixed media arts collective founded by Stefano Moscardini and me; the collective had his official society debut in Lyon during this year’s Borderline Biennale, where we presented the Fukushima Mon Amour installation (projected light on flag, generative music) and the Dance Neurale performance (biometric data, generative audio/video, industrial equipment) in collaboration with Lukas Zpira.
Soon I’ll post more informations; for now I can tell you that Fukushima Mon Amour is on sale and that, if you missed us in Lyon, you can catch us on the 23rd of September in Maxeville at Souterrain Port VI, where we’ll perform “Danse Neurale” again.

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