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Recently I found some time to fiddle a little bit with CSS3D and I took the chance to restyle a little the company home page; normally I don’t do web based stuff, but I admit that all this super performant new stuff (I’m mainly thinking of WebGL and the possibility to use some GPU power in a webpage) is making javascript interesting again 🙂

While I’m here, I’ll also make a quick summary of all the things happened in the last months and that I was to busy (maybe also a little lazy?) to write about:

– During Milan’s Design Week I had the opportunity to give a hand with the setup of M.I.T. Tangible Media Group‘s Transform; needless to say it was an interesting toy to play with and a great way to spend a week with stimulating people;

– a good part of the spring was spent on art projects, including a software tool for Eileen Cowin, a couple dynamic sculptures for George Theonas and some experimental real time visuals for an upcoming Empress Stah show; also a couple SPECTRE installations travelled to a lovely gallery in Paris.

Right now I’m finishing a VJ tool making use of laser projectors and working on some new computer vision stuff.


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After Marco’s last TED talk I dedicated most of my time to finalize a few Spectre installations for the SingularitĂ©s exposition at H+ gallery in Lyon.
Everything is ready to ship now (it’s been a little rush with some thrilling hardware failures that ruined a couple nights to both Stefano and me…), so stay tuned for the vernissage date 🙂
In the meantime you can read the article about Spectre on digitalarti and check Guardami’s page on H+.

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