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TED.com just published the video of the last performance I coded for Marco Tempest.
As always the development process was really a stimulating experience: I had the opportunity to remodel an old project by the creative coding rockstar (and dad of OpenFrameworks) Zach Lieberman and teamed up with Kevin Blanc, one of the best art directors a coder could dream of.
The performance itself is a calibrated mixture of experimental augmented reality glasses, 3D special effects and card manipulation dexterity, but, as it often happens in Marco’s work, the narrative component is always central: every shuffle reveals a story hidden inside the deck of cards, following a tradition that dates back to a 19th century story called The Soldier’s Prayer Book. If you’re interested, Marco tells more about this story and about the narrative use of playing cards in an interview published on TEDBlog.


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I’ve really been uber busy recently, but wanted to share a couple quickies.

The first one comes from the recent past: as I said before, in december I attended Zach’s workshop @ Fabrica, one of the most incredible places an artist/creative/hacker/whatever can visit; it was a great time and gave me the opportunity to get my hands dirty with OF under the guide of one of its creators and to experiment inside a sort of vivarium full of talented people.
Now a little resumĂ© of the workshop has been published here, together with a video interview featuring both Zach and Neural‘s boss Alessandro Ludovico and a booklet with all the projects developed during the workshop.

The second one is my last augmented reality work: it’s an AR 3d animated map for SolarExpo – International Exhibition and Conference on Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation and GreenBuilding – Internationa Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Architecture.
On this project I teamed with the awesome guys from Bonsai Ninja who modelled and textured a tiny, cartoon style version of the expo; I added the computer vision / ar tricks, animated a bunch of solar followers, wind turbines and electric cars and the toy was ready.
I’m pretty happy with the result; the expo is starting today, so I don’t have lots of material to show, but I’ll make a dedicated, detailed post. Also, if you’re interested in augmented reality, I can anticipate that the whole project is opensource, so I’ll release the source code too.

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