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I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been really busy on many, many projects.
Anyway I just wanted to quickly mention a brand new interactive digital signage tool I developed for the folks at EasySoft: it’s essentially an augmented-reality jukebox where you can load a client’s media assets (logos, video clips,…), select an interaction model (computer vision algorithm + particle system style) and watch people play on your led wall of choice.

We just had a christmas themed test run at Stazione Termini, Rome’s main station and people seemed to enjoy


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It seems that renewable energy folks love augmented reality: the first AR ad that went mainstream was probably GE’s Smart Grid and recently, as I anticipated in my last post, the guys from SolarExpo, an italian Conference on green energy, asked me to create an augmented reality map for their expo area.
If you want to know more details about the project or want to download the software and its source code (it’s released opensource), just go here; in the scope of this post, I can say it’s been an interesting experience for a lot of reasons:

  • I had the opportunity to team up with the awesome artists @ Bonsai Ninja and Roberto from SSg who did a great job handling the relationships with the client, leaving me free to concentrate on the code
  • I was able to release everything opensource
  • working for a greener world gives you good karma points 🙂

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a couple nights ago i read bryan chung’s lessons on augmented reality and optical flow; i loved the reading and felt the urge to code something similar.
after a little casual tinkering, i found myself playing with an optical flow algorithm, a couple trig functions and a basic flat physics mini-engine; “wait a minute”, i said, “this is arkanoid!”.

so here it is:

(another vid after the jump…)


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