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Some time ago I mentioned my collaboration with onFormative and AKQA to create Nike FuelStation in London: the installation just won the first place in the April 2012 CreativeShowcase contest 🙂
Everyone worked hard on this project, so it gives a good feeling to know that people is enjoying the experience we crafted for them:

Consumers made nearly 2,000 videos in the first month, moving more in a store than they’d ever done before. The installation got them hooked on the idea of Nike+ FuelBand, with 93% coming back to buy the product on release.


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My 2012 started at racing speed: while helping Marco Tempest with his TED show, I was contacted by the awesome guys at onformative who needed a hand with their last project for Nike. We spent the month of february creating an interactive installation for the MAKE IT COUNT campaign and now the piece is finally displayed at the new BoxPark store in London; we’re planning a complete project documentation, but for now here’s a preview:

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