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Recently I found some time to fiddle a little bit with CSS3D and I took the chance to restyle a little the company home page; normally I don’t do web based stuff, but I admit that all this super performant new stuff (I’m mainly thinking of WebGL and the possibility to use some GPU power in a webpage) is making javascript interesting again 🙂

While I’m here, I’ll also make a quick summary of all the things happened in the last months and that I was to busy (maybe also a little lazy?) to write about:

– During Milan’s Design Week I had the opportunity to give a hand with the setup of M.I.T. Tangible Media Group‘s Transform; needless to say it was an interesting toy to play with and a great way to spend a week with stimulating people;

– a good part of the spring was spent on art projects, including a software tool for Eileen Cowin, a couple dynamic sculptures for George Theonas and some experimental real time visuals for an upcoming Empress Stah show; also a couple SPECTRE installations travelled to a lovely gallery in Paris.

Right now I’m finishing a VJ tool making use of laser projectors and working on some new computer vision stuff.


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After Marco’s last TED talk I dedicated most of my time to finalize a few Spectre installations for the SingularitĂ©s exposition at H+ gallery in Lyon.
Everything is ready to ship now (it’s been a little rush with some thrilling hardware failures that ruined a couple nights to both Stefano and me…), so stay tuned for the vernissage date 🙂
In the meantime you can read the article about Spectre on digitalarti and check Guardami’s page on H+.

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In the last days Danse Neurale received some love from different places around the internet, so here’s a quick collection of links that have something to do with the performance:
Vimeo full video
– project description on my portfolio
behance page (with new backstage pics)
Italy strikes again by the super sweet Virginie
Hooklife article
– tumbler post by Allen Falkner
HackingTheFuture post
Wikipedia mention
Glad you liked it guys: see you soon around the next stage 🙂

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This is just a quick follow-up to last post: we redubbed the segment of our performance so that now it includes the live generative music played by Lukas’ brainwaves.

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Today the video coverage of the third week-end of the Borderline Biennale went online:

BORDERLINE BIENNALE 2011 |Week-end 03 | Obsolete Body from Borderline Biennale 2011 on Vimeo.

You can find our performance at 12:25.

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It’s been a busy summer for many reasons, but everything seemed to orbit around one single, exciting thing: the official birth of Spectre.
Everything is still in fieri and I don’t really want to spoil our future projects, but basically Spectre is a mixed media arts collective founded by Stefano Moscardini and me; the collective had his official society debut in Lyon during this year’s Borderline Biennale, where we presented the Fukushima Mon Amour installation (projected light on flag, generative music) and the Dance Neurale performance (biometric data, generative audio/video, industrial equipment) in collaboration with Lukas Zpira.
Soon I’ll post more informations; for now I can tell you that Fukushima Mon Amour is on sale and that, if you missed us in Lyon, you can catch us on the 23rd of September in Maxeville at Souterrain Port VI, where we’ll perform “Danse Neurale” again.

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